Laser Source Senter ST815-C



Brief Introduction

ST815 Laser Source can support stable laser signal on many kinds of wavelength, it can recognize the fiber, test the fiber loss and continuity accurately, help to evaluate the transmission quality of fiber chain as well. It supplies the high performance laser source for field test and lab project development. With features of durable structure, large LCD display with backlight and friendly operation interface, the ST815 advanced stability handheld optical light source provides a lot of convenience for your field work. High stability of output power and quite stable output wavelength, it is an ideal instrument for optical network installation, trouble shooting, maintenance and other optical fiber related systems. It can be widely operated for LAN, WAN, CATV, remote optical network, ect. Cooperate with ST800H Optical Power Meter, it can distinguish fiber, test optical loss and connection, help to evaluate fiber transmission performance.

Key Features

Handhold, easy to operate

Two to Four wavelength optional

Continuous light, modulated light output

Output double wavelength through single tie-in

Output three or four wavelength through double tie-in

High stabilization

Auto 10minutes shut off function

Support FC,SC,ST adapter

Big LCD, intuitive, easy to use,

LED backlight switch on/off

Auto close back light in 8 seconds

Ni-MH rechargeable battery or 9V battery

Battery voltage display

Low voltage checking and shut off to save energy

Technical Specifications


Emitter type Fabry_Perot LD/ DFB-LD
Output wavelength switch (nm) ST815 Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm

ST815B Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 1490±20nm

ST815C Wavelength: 1310±20nm, 1550±20nm, 850±20nm, 1300±20nm

ST815D Wavelength: 1310±20nm,

1550±20nm, 1625±20nm

Spectral width (nm) ≤5
Output optical power (dBm) ≥-7
Optical Output Mode CW/270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
Optical Interface FC,SC,ST
Power Stability (dB) (Short time) ≤±0.05/15min
Power Stability (dB) (Long time) ≤±0.1/5h
General specifications
Working temperature (°C) 0–40
Storage temperature (°C) -10—-70
Weight (kg) 0.22
Dimension (mm) 160×76×28
Battery 9V/160mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery or 9V dry battery, LCD display
Battery working duration (h) 4 hours
Low voltage warning ≤7.2V

Standard Package

Model Includes
ST815 1. ST815 Laser Source
2. 9V/160mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery(9V dry battery

Will be optional)

3. AC Adaptor
4. User Manual
5. Cotton Tampon

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